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Light, space, zest -that’s God. With him on my side I’m FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing. A21 global anti human trafficking organization

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When Olivia is a star and Paul wears your face on a shirt (btw if you haven’t seen Olivia’s movie Booksmart I don’t understand you)

I’m not sure why my mind went there?

All @Coach combo -biker jacket and butterfly parker bag

To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only deeply upsetting but seems that it can’t possibly be real in 2019. It’s no one’s business what a woman chooses to do with her . End of story. If you want to help fight this, click on the link in my bio to find out how you can volunteer or make a donation.

My first time in Cannes! I’m so honored to have been a part of this movie with Jim and the whole cast. By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married.

Been working hard on a new collection with my @PUMA fam. Launches today ✈️

hi’re very pretty

I owe my life to you momma

studio diva

Yesterday at the @hollywoodreporter Empowerment in Entertainment event, I had the honor to meet some of the brightest students who might never have imagined a career in Hollywood as they were given the opportunity to go to college and work with mentors in the industry. Thank you to the most courageous, brave, intellectual, strong, beautiful spirit that is Oprah for caring so much about empowering all walks of life but more importantly for being the action and not just standing behind the word. You DO it. Thank you for continually inspiring us to be kinder, greater and stretching all the boundaries for the better. “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required.”

@krahs 🦈

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