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IG ACCOUNT OF BOXER/PERSONAL TRAINER ROB EVANS. 🇮🇪🇸🇳 all other inquiries email me

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. Just got tagged in this, haven’t seen it before, but I remember it and don’t worry ladies your fantasy’s not ruined, Zac is the height of an average man. I’m not 😜.

all have a favourite animal, and we all resemble one apparently. The question is, what’s yours? And are you happy with what you resemble? I have two I get told the most. One I’m happy with because it’s my favourite animal. The 2nd. I feel it’s judged more on my personality than the way I look. If you guess it, I’ll give you a shout out. Let’s go.

🕰🔋 built for it 🥊

Back in London and ready to smash it. @bxrlondon @boxraw @c_brigante

When you can’t disrespect the new Js . Before anyone say anything I didn’t know we was gonna end up at a festival. It was spontaneous.


Eid Mubarak to all my Muslims. Enjoy this time to celebrate with family, friends and lots of food.

I apologise on behalf of my gender. I hate the way some men treat women, Especially the ones in a position of power that make choices based of ego.

My boy @c_brigante art exhibit. Good people good vibes. @tatiane_alc @rodking1 @jas.mine_90 @reeciousss

It does not stop, Just keep it moving forward ⬆️.

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