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Vice President & Head Instructor @onepeloton. Former lawyer. Bestselling Author of Shut Up & Run. Ultra runner. 26x marathoner. BOOKINGS: WME/IMG

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🆕 30 min Walk + Run available OD now! Perfect for those that have been wanting to transition into running. Oh, and the playlist is 🔥😉 . See you back on the Tread Monday, 7/1 at 5:30pm ET for 20 min HIIT💥// 20 min Pop Fun Run 🎉

Two chances to celebrate Pride with me this week! 🌈 . Friday, 6/28 1:30pm ET: 30 min Madonna Ride 5:45pm ET: 45 min Live DJ Ride . Who’s in?! // Comment ⬇️ and tell me something you love about yourself, that’s unique to YOU 💛 . 📸: @sarahaile

ALL HAIL THE 👑 OF POP. I SO excited to be teaching a class in the @onepeloton Madonna Artist Series in celebration of Pride. 🏳️‍🌈 . Join me this Friday, June 28th at 1:30pm ET for a good 💦 and a good cause. For every @madonna class taken before Sunday, June 30th at midnight, $1 will be donated to @lgbtcenternyc so if you can’t join live, make sure to check it out OD! Let’s do this, f!

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Who are you with when you’re happiest, proudest, & most joyous? 🤩 These are ✌🏽of my favorite people. I’m grateful to spend my days with such beams of light. Tag someone below you’re grateful for! ⬇️

Peloton Cycling Studio & Showroom

These humans are astonishing. 💫 You see them on the screen leading classes and they make it look easy. Invisible to the public eye are the hours of preparation for every class, countless meetings, palpable exhaustion, and the genuine passion for serving this community. In every cycling, tread, or yoga class, we leave a bit of ourselves. I hope you know how genuine that exchange is, and how grateful we are to be a part of this @onepeloton world. We will continue to hold space for each other's power, and for yours. 💛 // 📸 from Peloton Homecoming May 2019

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What is a “real” runner? You. If you’re putting in time to sweat and getting moving, you are a runner. I don’t care how fast or slow you are. Own it. // Below are my TIPS for starting your running journey: 1️⃣ Start in minutes, not miles. Go for 15, 20, 25 minutes and build from there. It's ok to run on feeling, not numbers. 2️⃣ Get the right . Go to a local running store where they can do a gait analysis. They will recommend shoes based on your running form. Run in what’s right for your feet. 3️⃣ Slow down. A lot of new runners go out of the gate too quickly, get winded, frustrated, and swear off running. Slow. It. Down. The next time you go out, try the “talk test.” If you can sing a verse to a favorite song or have a conversation, that’s the right pace. 4️⃣ The 10% Rule. Increase your mileage no more than 10% a week. Once you get in a running groove, you might want to go head first into crazy miles. Abide by the 10% rule. Slow and steady increases will keep you progressing, but injury free. 5️⃣ Get uncomfortable. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s when change happens. You have to get to the top of the hill before you can really see the view. 6️⃣ Harness the power of community to keep you moving. Join me on Peloton Digital. You'll never run alone again. /// Who wants to run with me? I'll see you on the Tread Thursday morning for HIIT intervals. 🔥 Monday I’m teaching a Walk/Run class for my beginners. 💛

Replace “I don’t have time” with “it doesn’t matter to me.” Let that sink in. 😲 Make it matter to make it happen. Everyone is busy & there’s never a perfect time to get uncomfortable. Just start. 🔥// How are you leveling up this week? Comment below! ⬇️

DAD, thanks for passing down your dance moves! We love you. 💛 Happy Father’s Day to everyone celebrating! 💛 📸 @chelizondo

Peloton Cycling Studio & Showroom

Come through Friday! 🙌🏽 The weekend is a state of mind. 🧠 Did you know that not only your muscles need recovery to repair, but your central nervous system needs rest to recover from stress? 🙏🏽 Resistance AND recovery make us strong. // 🆕 HIIT ride (savage 🔥) & 45 min Pop Ride (fun 🎉) for you! Much love to you @onepeloton. 💛

You have to make it matter, in order to make it happen. 🙌🏽 . I’m thrilled to be a guest on @goodlifeproject with @jonathanfields 🗣 We talk legacy, being unapologetic and why the difficult path is always worth it. 🔗 in bio to listen!

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☀️ Summertime Flow. ☀️ My Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation: 1. Running shoes. Pack them. Lace up. Explore. 2. Take me with you. The @onepeloton app means NO excuses. Body weight, strength, cycling, yoga, & running classes are waiting. Level up that hotel gym! Also check out the new Hotel Finder to find hotels with Peloton bikes. 3. Do a pre-trip push. Get in extra miles or sessions before you bounce. I Iove pre-flight sweat sessions. 4. Adjust your expectations. You're on a vacation. Live a little. As long as the indulgence is temporary, you'll get back on track! /// 🎨 by @jasonnaylor 💫

Read why I think work life balance is in the pursuit of greatness. 😲 . I gave @medium a rundown of my daily routine, explained what being healthy means to me and why excellence is my most important habit. 🔗 in bio!

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