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Where creators, thinkers, and leaders raise awareness for our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. Join:

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Happy Father’s Day! Ask Dad what he knows about seahorses today. Male seahorses go through pregnancy (so do male pipefish and sea dragons). There’s a little pocket at the front of the male seahorse’s called the “brood pouch.” After a lovely pre-dawn courtship dance, the female deposits her eggs in the pouch, then the male fertilizes and carries their young for 10-24 days before they hatch. They give birth to up to 2,000 sons and daughters at a time. 💥 p: @helenmb

Amed, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

Don’t forget to look beneath the surface. What you find might change the way you think. Footage from our underwater cleanup off Amed on the east coast of Bali 🌊@francisco_mesina_films Thanks to our collaborators on this one: @apneistafreediving @blueearthvillage @yogamare.retreats @calypsodivingbali @eurodive.bali @yoginiseed

Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

“Today, Parley announces our partnership with the International Chber of Commerce. ICC was founded after World War I, based on the vision “Merchants of Peace” where the private sector would do what governments could not: To secure peace by establishing a global economic culture with purpose. 100 years later, the need for peace is more urgent than ever. We are at war with the oceans and if we win this war, we lose it all. Mankind can not survive on this planet with a dead sea. This magic blue universe allows us to be here, it creates the chemistry which we need to live. ICC x Parley will bring the Strategy to 45 million businesses and 1.2 billion employees with the objective to not only end plastic pollution, but also drive the Material Revolution into other crisis areas like climate change and overfishing. Together, we are defining a new economy. One where toxic ingredients and exploitative business practices are a relict of the past. We will inspire and empower small, medium and large scale enterprises to become eco innovation leaders, corporate activists of our movement. I grateful, humbled and enormously excited about this partnership.” - Cyrill Gutsch, Founder of Parley for the Oceans @iccwbo @cyrillgutsch

As of today, 1,978,206 individuals around the world have joined the and taken a stand against marine plastic pollution. Are you one of them? Let's see how far we can take this movement. Now ‪through June 16th‬, log your kilometers in the @runtastic app and help us inspire and empower the emerging leaders of ocean conservation. 1 kilometer run = $1 contributed* to Parley Ocean School and youth activist programs. @adidasrunning @adidas *up to $1.5 million

“As the voice of our future, our youth make the most convincing teachers and ambassadors, educating parents, industry leaders, and politicians, and using media in the most native ways. Youth are our biggest hope, since they are driven by the strongest of all motivations: their own survival.” - @cyrillgutsch Sign up for our youth activist platform at

The climate is changing. The oceans are dying. Humans are driving the destruction. Right now, in this pivotal moment, we get to decide what happens next. Today, we have the knowledge and skills to see and measure what previous generations could not. And we have the tools to share and reality like no one before. The next generation isn't waiting to own this challenge. That’s why Parley is launching a collaboration platform to support and empower the future of this movement. Ocean Uprise is the space where youth activists speak up, gear up and rise up for the revolution. Students, educators, parents, activists and allies - all are welcome to join . Signups are now open at

The Parley Global Cleanup Network was out in full force on . Thank you to our incredible field coordinators, collaborators and every volunteer 👊🙌🌊 More to come!

is an annual reminder to honor our life-giving ecosystem and work to protect it every single day of the year. To commemorate, we kicked off another round of global initiatives, including campaigns to Protect Paradise in partnership with @Corona. This week, Corona is rewarding pledgers who take action and give up plastics. New packaging is also on the shelves in nine countries, with each pack cleaning one square meter of beach. And this summer, over 100 cleanups will take place around the world. To learn more, get involved and find a cleanup near you, visit

New York, New York

Every day, New Yorkers generate unimaginable quantities of trash. And every day, the men and women of the world's largest sanitation department work to remove this trash and keep the city safe and clean. We’re proud to announce our partnership with the DSNY Foundation to support the New York plastic bag ban, which goes into effect in March 2020. Together with the Foundation for New York's Strongest, the official nonprofit of the New York City Department of Sanitation, we’ll clean up New York's beaches, upcycle collected materials and create a special edition series of Parley Ocean Bags that empower New Yorkers to rethink their choices and be part of the solution. Who's ready to leave single-use plastics in the past? @strongestNYC @nycsanitation

Hey world, it’s time. RUN FOR THE OCEANS 🌊🌊🌊 . From Shanghai to São Paulo, Toronto to Tokyo, Barcelona to Berlin, individuals, athletes, and running communities are making massive waves of change. You can be a part of this. For every kilometer run between today and June 16, @adidas will contribute $1* to Parley Ocean School and youth activist programs. To participate, sign up and track your runs by joining the Run For The Oceans challenge via the @Runtastic app. See you out there. *up to $1.5 million

In the next minute, a million plastic bottles will be purchased around the world. At this rate, over half a trillion plastic bottles are expected to be sold in 2020. 91% of the plastic we produce never gets recycled, and 8 million metric tons of it enters the oceans annually. Parley and @swellbottle are joining forces in the battle against the threat of single-use plastics. Today we launch a series of S’well x Parley bottles - each funds the removal of 10 pounds of marine plastic debris in Island Nations through the Parley Global Cleanup Network. Together we’ll also implement and build on the principles of . Avoid. Intercept. Redesign. More details at the bio link.

United Nations

“Plastic is in the air we breathe, it’s in the rain, it’s inside us – but plastic is just a symbol. A symbol of the toxic past we need to leave behind. We can fix this together, but we need a plan.” . Parley founder @cyrillgutsch addressed the UN World Environment Day meeting at United Nations headquarters in New York, speaking alongside UN Assistant Secretary-General Satya S. Tripathi, world delegates and youth climate activist @alexandriav2005. The air we breathe is intricately connected to the health of our oceans, which generate up to 80% of the oxygen that sustains life on Earth. Everything is connected, collaboration is key and time is running out: No oceans. No air. No life. Take the Parley AIR pledge today and join the movement to protect our planet’s blue life-support system. Link in bio 🌎

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