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Meathead. Spiritual Advisor. Tarot reader. Socially conscious 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍. Selenophile. Intersectional Feminist. Plant lady. Readings, offerings, tip jar 👇🏽

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see also: Snuggle with a pupper 🐶❤️, go to nature, give your some room to breathe. • • • As always, please feel free to share and repost with artist attribution and without any changes (filters etc.) to the art itself. Thank you for supporting my work—there’s a tip jar in the link in my bio if you feel compelled 🙏🏽😘. • • •

I woke up this morning with puffy eyes, achey bones, and a heavy heart. Nothing “happened.” Nothing is or was especially “wrong.” I was just sensitive. Emotional. Heightened. Irritable. I felt...sticky. I MEAN, IT’S CANCER SEASON, OKAY?! ♋️😭 And sure, I can spend some introspective time getting to the root of this stickiness and working through my emotions; I’m a big fan of this process, actually. Tarot, journal, contemplate, reflect. But sometimes stickiness just needs time to breathe—sometimes feelings just need to be validated and honored, rather than unpacked and picked apart. Sometimes a mood is just a mood and it doesn’t require a dissertation on emotional exploration. Sometimes. I listened to my intuition and determined this was one of those times. Instead of spending the day judging/resisting/scrutinizing my feelings, I gave them some room to breathe. I drew. I stretched. I took calls with clients. When my work day was done, I got dressed and headed to the gym. I feel good—a bit more sensitive than usual, but I’m not worried about it. Sometimes it’s not that serious, bb. Sometimes it’s actually just fine.

West Los Angeles

Happy Friday (and Summer Solstice!) to everyone except folks who demand emotional + energetic labor without offering ANYTHING in exchange, and anyone with something to say about the pile of trash I will inevitably have in the front seat of my Jeep ✌🏽. Happy Solstice to all my salty bitches—who doesn’t get a “Happy Friday” from you today? • • • 📷: @violetartistry

LIFE HACK: Don’t do anything just because you’re “supposed to,” like “wash your hair,” or anything else that feels like bullshit. • • •

R E C E I V E. • • • As always, please feel free to share and repost with artist attribution and without any changes (filters etc.) to the art itself. Thank you for supporting my work—there’s a tip jar in the link in my bio if you feel compelled 🙏🏽😘. • • •

S U M M E R ✨ S O L S T I C E ✨ M A G I C ✨ • In honor of the summer solstice, I’m offering some pretty rad discounts on my self study courses. These are downloadable/go at your own pace. They all include a membership portal, videos, and downloads. • Whether you’re interested in learning magic, healing your image, creating a morning ritual of stretching + journaling, or getting your first pull-up—there’s something for YOU for less 💰💰💰. • Some of these programs are coming off the shelves soon. I’ve got some exciting stuff I’m working on, which means I need to create space for those things to exist in reality. If you’ve been eyeing Body Boss Academy ( image shit) or Wildfire (meathead yoga shit), now is the time. At the end of the year they will be gone forever. • People ask me quite often how they can support my work: the messages I share here, my newsletter “Musings for the Moon,” my videos, my art. THIS IS HOW. If anything I’ve shared with you on this platform or otherwise has deeply resonated, I highly suggest hitting that link in my bio to see how you can both GET MORE of my magic and support me as an independent artist and healer. Money is just energy. What we’re doing here is an energetic exchange, and my hope is that we will do so in balance. • COMING SOON: • 🔮The Soul Alchemy deck + guidebook—kinda affirmation, kinda oracle, hand illustrated and written by me. • 👑The Alchemy Collective—an immersive and interactive (online) experience for womxn who want to be more centered, creative, powerful, and aligned. Potentially planning a live event based on this experience, Los Angeles, October-ish. • 📕MY BOOK: The Universe is Trolling You, a collection of essays, my transferred onto paper. • 🧂SALT: The Oracle—an Oracle deck + guidebook, hand illustrated and written by me, focusing on shadow work and salty things. • 🧂🔮SALT & SORCERY—a brand I’m creating for merch and fun stuff. • That’s it for now. Hit that bio link for deep discounts, tarot readings, spiritual coaching, The Coven, and lil bb tip jar. ILYSM 😘❤️🙏🏽 • 📷: @violetartistry


WANNABE WEIGHTLIFTER JERKS 170# FOR A LIFETIME PR, FINISHES WITH A CHEESY SMILE. New goals: catch deeper, get under, 200, don’t press out, . Let’s fuckin’ go! Also, let your wins be wins—don’t pick them apart. This isn’t a perfect lift, but who cares? I’m happy; why ruin it?


I’m not an expert on relationships. I’m not sure I’m an expert on anything, but that’s a discussion for another day, perhaps. Regardless, I’m often asked for relationship advice—mostly because I’m good at holding space, but also because one of my superpowers is saying what everyone else is thinking 🤣. • So when someone emailed me last week asking for advice on maintaining a healthy relationship, I had to laugh. I’ve been in more unhealthy relationships than healthy ones. I’ve been in abusive relationships. Toxic relationships. Codependent relationships. I’ve been divorced, twice. None of us are without our fair share of scars. • And I don’t regret any of it. All of that trauma and drama taught me how to love, how to leave, and how to come back to myself—which I think is the most important ingredient in a healthy relationship. Nothing is more potent, more powerful than being true to YOURSELF, loving yourself, showing up as your fullest self. • The best relationship advice I can give isn’t about other people, it’s about you. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Show up for yourself. And if you’re brave enough to find someone who is doing the same, let them be themselves. Encourage them to love themselves. Love each other by individually standing fully in your power. • Healthy relationships with others—romantic or otherwise—can only happen if we have healthy relationships with ourselves first. PERIOD. • Other things that are helpful: shared value systems, similar interests, a willingness to have messy conversations, belly laughs, the freedom to be silly, mutual respect, giving each other space without taking it personally, hating all the same things, genuinely wanting the other person to shine, being willing to bury a w/ them—even if it means breaking a nail. • Things that don’t matter: money, status, previous partners, history, history in general. So many things don’t matter. So many things are trash. • Take out the trash and make your own rules. Hold your own heart in your own hands. Believe that hearts have the power to break and bend and heal and conquer. Believe in your capacity to give and receive love. Have strong boundaries. Give strong hugs.

BURNOUT. ISN’T. CUTE. • • • • As always, please feel free to share and repost with artist attribution and without any changes (filters etc) to the art itself. Thank you for supporting my work—there’s a tip jar in the link in my bio of you feel compelled 🙏🏽😘.

Happy Friday to everyone except your inner who is so mean to you and tells you lies about your worthiness. They aren’t YOU—they’re the sum of childhood trauma, ancestral baggage, and social conditioning—and they don’t get a Happy Friday 🖕🏽👋🏽. • Listen, life is hard enough—like really legitimately hard and sometimes a dumpster fire of unpredictable challenges. So don’t be so mean to yourself, okay? Okay. Because you can’t control what the universe throws at you or whether or not “it has your back,” but you can control whether or not you’ve got your own back. 💁🏽‍♀️💅🏽

Los Angeles, California

The thing about life is that it’s both a lucid dream and a sick, sick joke. I think if we can learn to say “ it” more often—as in it I’m in, or it I’m out—we’ll all be just fine 👌🏾 💅🏽. it

Santa Monica Pier

Saturday, June 8, happy to be alive, living large in my home state of Cali, and doing the following: • ☕️Coffee 🎨Work on the Soul Alchemy deck 🤸🏽‍♀️Gymnastics at @deuce_gym including my fave, ring muscle ups! (But low key taking it easy because menstruation, day ☝🏽) 👵🏽Get my grays dyed because I’m a grown and I do what I want 🍷BBQ and hangs for some down people who are breaking my heart by moving back to New York • I’m so grateful that this of mine can MOVE. That I have this fine specimen of a man in my life who always has my back and treats me like a queen. That our kids are healthy and happy. That I get to make art for a living. • How about you, bbs? What’s on the agenda for your Saturday? What are you grateful for? Lemme know 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 • • • 📷: @melanie.sylim

Happy Friday to everyone except anyone who tries to control your life or makes you second guess your magic. You’re doin great, babygirl, don’t trip. 💅🏽 💁🏽‍♀️ 🔪 (As always, feel free to share and RP with artist attribution 😘🙏🏽)

I hate that disposable paper roll that covers medical exam tables; it’s sanitary, yes, but unsettling nonetheless. You sit there, paper sticking to your skin, making crinkly noises beneath your , awaiting news that could decide your fate. • I remember sitting in the orthopedic office, months after spending my entire savings on alternative treatment, waiting to hear the results of my MRI. I was in so much that I just wanted an answer—any answer. Something tangible. Something true. • In walks this doctor whose name I forget because he was entirely forgettable, with the same indifference he exuded during our initial exam. “Well, you’re gonna have to get surgery,” he says. To which I internally replied, “You’re gonna have to all the way off.” I left that doctors office in tears of rage, and I never returned. • It’s been over two years since this unfortunate “diagnosis,” and you know what I didn’t do? Get surgery. We’re conditioned to put so much stock and trust in authority figures—doctors, law enforcement, government officials, folks we so dutifully believe have our best interests at heart—we trust that they have the information we don’t. Sometimes they’re right. Sometimes they’re not. • We follow their rules and heed their advice because that’s what we’ve always done. But what about our own rules? Our own advice? Our own intuition? Everything in my and soul called on this doctors advice—thus I chose to disregard it in favor of my own path. • And here we are, bbs. Fully functional. Stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m not entirely free and I don’t expect to be, but I’m pretty close. I’ve drastically changed my relationship with and more importantly, with other people’s rules. This doctor wanted me to believe the only way I would recover was through surgery, and I just wasn’t in down with that. • Maybe you need your own version of “surgery,” maybe you don’t. Either way it’s worth considering whose rules you follow and why. • • 📷: @n_louis

EVERYTHING IS A FUCKIN RITUAL Why do you need ritual? Because ritual invites you to tune out the drama of the external world and tune in to your own emotional landscape—it’s how you find the clarity and trust to work through shadows and sticky feelings. Ritual asks you to stop taking other people’s poison and listen to your inner voice. Ritual is how you come home to yourself—how you find your center, establish autonomy, and explore your own thoughts and feelings. Without ritual, we’re just drifting. Drowning, really. But here’s the other thing about ritual: there are no rules. Anything can be ritual if it’s done with intention and purpose. You don’t need tarot cards, candles, and crystals and spellwork, if that’s not your thing. There’s no “correct” way to perform ritual, and there’s only one universal requirement: INTENTION. Anything done with intention can be ritual. Anything done with the explicit purpose of grounding, centering, and clarity is RITUAL. Dancing can be ritual. Breathing can be ritual. Sex can ritual. Staring off into space with a cup of coffee and a record playing can be ritual. Making your bed can be ritual. Anything as ritual—everything as ritual. Every day, every moment, a chance to engage in ritual—an opportunity to become more attuned to your authentic self, more aligned with your truth, more in touch with your very own magic. 📷: @violetartistry

I just can’t deal with my hair right now. I remember, as a kid, struggling to get it in a manageable ponytail—arms fatiguing, tears emerging, failing over and over while trying to tame my wild, curly hair. The horror 🤣—I know many of y’all can relate. Lately, I’ve been channeling that middle school vibe. Like I literally CANNOT with this right now. I have a million things on my plate and my hair cannot be one of those things. At least for now. So, I pull it back. Tie it up. Throw on a hat, a bandana, a velvet scrunchie, a ton of hairspray and move on with my life. Because sometimes that’s what we must do in order to thrive: TAKE SOME SHIT OFF OUR PLATE. Alas, we’re not so good at this, are we? We’re so conditioned by hustle culture that we tend to pile more things atop already full plates. More! More! More! I’m full but I can handle it! I can do it ALL! Yes. Perhaps we *can* do it all—but only if we decide for ourselves what “all” entails. For me, “all” means creating art, making magic, going to the gym, hydrating, being in nature, and spending quality time with my boys. It doesn’t mean hustling for perfection or flirting with burnout. It doesn’t mean saying yes to things I want to say no to, or feeling pressure to show up as anything less or more than my authentic self. It doesn’t mean that I can’t ask for help, or that doing so makes me weak or incapable. And it certainly doesn’t mean treating optional tasks like obligations. Most things aren’t obligatory, despite what we’ve been led to believe. Most things are extra. Most things are irrelevant. If you want to know a not so little secret: no one has their together. No one is perfect. No one does it “all” unless they alone decide what “all” means to them. Most of the time, doing it all means taking things *off* your plate so that you can focus on the things that truly matter. What does it mean to you?

Rage is a vibe 🔥

This guy 🖤. He’s the strongest, funniest, most talented person I know. A survivor. A rebel. The real deal. He’s scraped the very bottom of the barrel in order to survive, slept in uncomfortable places without complaint, walked miles in the desert sun just to get where he needed to go. Most people talk a big game—Christopher plays it, according to his own rules, of course. Over the past year and change, he’s been the driving force behind reigniting my love affair with iron and with art. He is my partner in all things, and I would not want another human by my side on this wild ride. Today he gets ready to compete at The Granite Games, and he’ll tell you it’s not a big deal. He’ll play it cool and low key, because that’s the kind of man he is. He’s not in it for the glory, he’s in it for the grit. I love you to the cosmos and beyond, Christopher. We are all so proud of you and your hard work—proud to call you coach, friend, companion. Proud to watch you chip away at your dreams, one rep at a time.

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