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Tag a pal who always makes you laugh. 📸: Getty Images

Want to deadlift more weight? Then learn the box pull, demonstrated here by @donsaladino. It’s a move give you a chance to lift more weight because you’re moving over a smaller range of motion. It’ll help your acclimate to heavier weights than you could normally handle on full deadlifts. Try it in your next pull workout, and keep the reps low. Don did 4 sets of 2 in this workout. RG: @donsaladino

Peter Parker's Block

After hearing this story, we don’t blame him. (Link in bio)

Need a super-simple, go-anywhere, bodyweight shred session? Try this zero-equipment format from @getfitwithgiddy: ************************************ -set a timer for 10 minutes. Work 45 seconds on, 15 off -during work periods, do 3 skater hops -after every third skater hop, so a few reps of whatever move comes to mind. Think high knees, pushups, mountain climbers etc. - keep it up for 10 minutes and you’ll be drenched! RG: @getfitwithgiddy

Have a medball? Try out this leg-blasting, fat-incinerating combo from @paulsklarxfit. Work through 5 rounds, working for one minute, then resting 30 seconds. Use it at the end of your next upper session for a little extra fun! RG: @paulsklarxfit

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Eating all the fat you want sounds like a delicious way to lose weight—but is worth sacrificing carbs? (Link in bio)

Ready for a twist (literally!) on your back training? Try this variation of the straight-arm lat pulldown from @athleanx. The goal: it’ll push you to get more range on your pulldown motion, meaning more lat engagement. Added benefit: your core puts in more work too. Game plan: 3 sets of 10-12 reps per side. Get to work! RG: @athleanx

The Transform Fitness and Training

Ready for a full-on grow-your-arms annihilation? That’s this arm blast from @ebenezersamuel23 ... and if you want more from Samuel, check out his workout video program, New Rules of Muscle. It’s available at the link in our bio. ****************************** Quick Rules: 40 reps of each move per arm. Hit as many good reps as you can w/ first arm, do that many w/ second, then repeat pattern til you hit your reps. Moves below, details in audio: ***************************** 1) single arm kneeling curl: 40 reps per arm 2) single arm pause close grip press: 40 reps per arm 3) single arm two-step kneeling hammer: 40 reps per arm 4) single arm hollow skullcrusher: 40 reps per arm 5) ez bar spider curl: 40 reps 6) incline bench two-step pressdown: 40 reps

Oh, and was involved too. (Yeah, it’s...interesting. Link in our bio.)

The Transform Fitness and Training

Need a pre-weekend abs super-challenge? Try this dragon flag variation from @ebenezersamuel23 and expect it to light up your entire core. And if you want more from Samuel, don’t forget to check out his workout video program, New Rules of Muscle, available at the link in our bio. ********************************* 1) 4-6 second dragon flag medball hold 2) drop medball into 4-6 second dragon flag hold (breather ish here) 3) 7 dragon flag flutter kicks * try for 2-3 sets.

This move from @jtm_fit isn’t for the faint of heart. Think you have it in ya? Try with a pair of stable kettlebells and focus on control. ********************************* 1) push-up 2) plank row 3) kickthru to L-sit 4) back to plank position 5) deadlift RG: @jtm_fit

Fierce strongmen @eddiehallwsm and @shawstrength are set to bring serious muscle to TV. Yes we are hyped. (Link in bio.)

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