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Mandy Ingber

Modern day wise woman. New York Times best-selling author. Creator/owner of Yogalosophy Click link in bio to download my digital workout.

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This color is insane! And found in nature. Your true nature is enough. Be yourself, beautiful. I love you. 💜

Yogalosophy:28 days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover is my New York Times Bestseller. I describe it as a fitness/wellness book meets a creative process. You’re is a work of art in progress. Re-create your through recreation. You will enjoy this progr, with so many options, you can create your own version of this progr and have fun doing it. 🌈Even I have to take some time to clean up my diet and my work out plan. Beginning July 6th, I committing to eliminating sugar from my diet for 28 days. Pick up your copy and join me by committing to your well being. ❤️contact to get your personalized copy.

Did you know that there are Mermen as well as Mermaids? And also mermaid wranglers. Yep. 🧜‍♀️ I also found out that like This one is them wanting a pic w/me 😄

Mulholland Drive

Just hanging out with a mermaid. 🧜‍♀️

Hollywood Forever

You can only be who you are in your essence and you are perfect as you are. You will not be everyone’s cup of tea. You will not fit in everywhere. But you will find your way. Each of us has a unique lens and self expression. Celebrate that. Be proud of exactly who you are.

Café Gratitude

Not only is it summer solstice and national smoothie day, it’s to recognize the global impact of this ancient practice. My friend, Kayoko has worked tirelessly on her @yogagivesback initiative which helps single mothers to seed their businesses. One person can accomplish a lot, one million people can change the world. Please go to @yogagivesback to find out more. Grateful for what yoga has given me and for what I able to give back to it. 🧘‍♀️

The Formosa Cafe

I passed by an old haunt this week. The Formosa. I spent many, many late nights here with people who are celebrities today, but we went there because of the location (near studios where we worked/auditioned) and the iconic movie stars that preceded. Cary Grant, Humphrey bogart, frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley If you could be a fly on the wall at @theformosa (and I kinda was for the next generation) you would see a lot of sparkle. I can only imagine what else happened there that I didn’t see.


Bright and shiny. Reunited with these lovelies. @lanjaenicke @trisjam The one in the middle @lanjaenicke has the most beautiful and classic collection of silk and cashmere...if you want a luxury splurge, she’s your girl.

It’s the full moon day/ Monday. It’s both/and energy. The wing span is broad. Who you are and what you need can be a stretch. Find the balance by pressing down and getting strong at the root as you reach up up up and out through your limbs. Toward all that you aspire to. Strength and balance. The energetic pull of opposites engage us. Fix the gaze still. Feel the opposing forces and the dynamic energy. Make it look effortless and smile when you fall. Get in your tree pose, my friends. Sway with the breeze. Provide silent strength for all who walk by. Communicate underground through your roots. Relax when someone etches their initials into your trunk with their graffiti love. It will pass. ❤️❤️❤️

Los Angeles, California

My daddy. Lloyd S. Ingber, you were a wild ride. Love you forever. . . . (his, not mine)

Nighty night 🥰

Manhattan, New York

Happy Birthday, @helenhunt We’ve been through a lot. And you’re solid in my book. ❤️👯 🐖🐇🐖🐇🐖🐇🐖🐇

Music Center - Ahmanson Theatre

I was in a play that went to Broadway in 1983. This is a ticket stub from our preview run where it all started at The Ahmanson theatre. Thanks @farrahmajors for saving this keepsake. My 👯 twin BFFs, cheering me on.

Paramount Studios

Yep. It was a short lived Cheers spin off. It happened. The Tortellis.

English Turkish