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Loves a good pun. Katy Keene coming 2020 ❤️

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Malibu, California

I promise the bday content is almost done -Last night was beyond and I’ll remember it forever. Thanks to my family & friends for loving me so hard. You truly are who you surround yourself with 🌟Thank you @janellehansen & @elissaleedselkin for planning and thank you @nobumalibu for unbelievable food. Big thanks to @jandlcakes for the outrageously fabulous Elvis cake.

🌺🌼🌸 thanks to my gals for getting me ready for the Malibu dinner party of my 30 year old dreams. @kristin_ess / @kdeenihan / @alyssasutterstylist

30 years around the sun. It’s pretty hard for me to articulate what’s going through my head today, but I’ll really try. Most people are anxious to step into their 30s but honestly, I’ve never felt better. I’ve never felt stronger or more at ease. I’ve never felt more grateful. I’ve never been more capable of taking on whatever it is that life throws at me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with fily who loves me, friends who lift me up, a job I look forward to, a creative heart, let alone all the daily things that many pray for. As I’ve gotten older, my 20s prepared me to be kind, but take no - always try harder than the last day but recognize when you need a break- to enjoy the journey even when you aren’t where you want to be- be grateful for the successes, the failures and the heartbreaks because everything eventually makes sense- to appreciate the small victories because life’s greatest pleasures are the simple things- to forgive those who have wronged you because they teach us more about ourselves and who we want to be or not be- to take a stand- and to not be an asshole, unless you cut me off on the freeway cause I will lay on my horn. I’ve had so much to smile about but I’ve also had my heart ripped in two. I’m definitely my own worst enemy at times but im proud that I can now find things I love about myself. Long story short, in this next chapter I just want to be strong for those who have been strong for me, to realize my worth even when I’m not busy, to laugh at the dumb , and to find ways to leave this world better. Thanks to all of you who join me on this journey & for accepting me for who I . I promise to always do my best and keep it real. I promise I’m also wearing sunscreen today. Im overwhelmed with love and gratitude not only today, but every day. THANK YOU for laughing and loving alongside me !! 30, sometimes thriving, sometimes a mess and always flirty ❤️

bring your son to work day

feelin cute today guys

🖤max mara🖤 thank you @instylemagazine @maxmara !

And this is how he greets me every time. True love ❤️

Someone’s almost 30 and here is a photo of me looking back at my 20s and laughing at all the dumb I did

New York, New York

can’t believe I’ll be living in the city soon 😍

ruby woo 💄

sometimes she’s extra

Future Location Of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

janny & I took a quick trip to planet Batuu. 10/10 would recommend. Galaxy you later. 🛸

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