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🎙Host of the @unarmedpodcast 🏆Mother •@1stphorm Elite Athlete •@getrxd Athlete 👇🏼Podcast, Blog & YouTube

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I very much dislike when people think they are above others. • We were all created equal. • What we do in this life and what we accomplish may differ from one another, but that still doesn’t give you the right to look down on others. • You’re following doesn’t give you privilege. How much money you make, doesn’t give you privilege. • Treat those around you nicely. You’re no better than they are. We all end up in the same place regardless of how much money we have, how many followers you have on Instagram, how many places you’ve traveled to, etc. • Don’t ever forget that.

1st Phorm HQ

Me when Summer Smash 2019 started, and me when it ended. • What an EPIC day!! • Y’all know I love 1st Phorm. • This company believed in me 6 years ago and made me an athlete when others wouldn’t dare. • I stay loyal to those who fight for me. • This entire weekend was a blast and Nelly coming out to perform was the cherry on top. • I’m gonna go soak my feet now, goodnight ✋🏼

The Ritz Carlton

We’re ready for you St. Louis. • Been a great weekend thus far and even better with my momma being my weekend roomie. • We’ve spent 98% of our time talking about our kids, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Momma is ready for her weekend in St. Louis! • Summer Smash 2019 is gonna be epic, just like it always is. • Can’t wait to see everyone there 😘

Margaritaville Resort Orlando

I told Daniel 6 years ago, when we first started dating, that the woman he chose to start a family with...would be the luckiest woman in the world. • I’m glad he chose me, because Joaquin and I are two of the luckiest people on this planet to have our own real life super hero. • We love you Daniel ❤️

How many of you have been tuning into the Unarmed Podcast? 🙋🏻‍♀️ • I really and truly hope you guys are loving this podcast and finding motivation from it. • Pretty soon I’ll be starting the interview portions and I’m so pumped about the people who will coming on and sharing their stories. • This podcast is gonna change, motivate and inspire one listener at a time.

This Florida heat & humidity has been nothing short of brutal these last two weeks 🔥 • The heat may slow me down, but it won’t stop me. • Get out there, no matter what today 🙌🏼

Success is a reflection of the mindset. • Happiness is a reflection of the mindset. • Wealth is a reflection of the mindset. • When you have the right mindset, you can dig down, work hard and earn the success. • When you have the right mindset, you can find happiness in everything you do. • When you have the right mindset, you can see the wealth in everything beyond materialistic things. • Your mind is a powerful tool. You gotta work just as hard on that mindset because it’ll get you further than you think.

I went back and forth with two different names for my podcast. • The minute I settled on one, I made this and put it in my office as motivation to keep working at it. • I look at it now, and I’m so proud of what that I created for that name and what it’ll always stand for. • Your hard work will ALWAYS pay off.

I had a dre for myself seven months ago. • I dret of a podcast that empowered people to be better. I dret of changing lives one listener at a time. • I put in months worth of work to make that dre a reality today. • I proud and honored to finally introduce to you, The Unarmed Podcast (@unarmedpodcast). • This podcast is not scripted, it is unedited and it is every bit real. This will be the truth you never knew you needed. • Listen on your ride to work, while you’re on your run or before you go to bed, but listen closely. • Not only will I be sharing my story, but I will be interviewing some of the most motivating individuals you will ever encounter. • I want you to come in with an open and eager ear, but leave a more empowered individual. I’m here to show you that you and I are the se. • Our problems are the se. Our lives are the se, but it’s the way we choose to react to those problems and our lives that make us different. • Every week I’ll be releasing a new episode for you. Tune in and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. • I’ll talk to you soon.

You ever dre up something in your head so big that it excites and scares you all at the se time? • I sat down 7 months ago and asked myself what I really wanted to do in this life. • What can I do that will truly benefit, not only myself, but the world? What can I do to make an impact? • I decided 7 months ago what that was, but I also decided that if I was going to do this, I would do it the right way. I would be patient and I would create something that I’m proud of. • And so for 7 months I’ve stayed patient. Working my off day and night to get everything right ON MY OWN. Notebooks of ideas that I made a reality. Ideas in my mind that were made a reality by the people I hired. • When I have an idea in my mind that starts a fire in me, I go after it with every thing I have. Don’t believe me? Ask Daniel. He’s been there the whole way giving me feedback and cheering me on. • Tomorrow I finally get to share what I’ve been putting my heart into for 7 months. I hope you’re ready and excited just as much as I .

CrossFit Tradition

Happy Memorial Day Everyone 🇺🇸 • Today we honor the fallen. • I participated in the MURPH workout this morning to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom. • This was the first year I completed the workout with a weighted vest. While I was more than certain I would go over an hour with the vest, I exceeded my expectations and even beat last years time (which was without a weighted vest) by a minute, coming in at 57:02. • I kept those who fought for us in mind and I never stopped fighting because I know they never did.

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