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RoleModel @NEDA + L’Oréal @PrincesTrust @PersonabyMR Ambassador Exec prod + host of MirrorChallenge Forbes30under30 . My hair @tele_ties 👇

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Hi my loves👋 Just checking in to make sure you’re staying hydrated😋 📸 @shotbyjuliann

Feels like I’m just getting started even after 16years modelling.. so much work to be done and so much I can’t wait to share with you. Still blows my mind I get to work with such wonderful teams and huge thank you to @womenshealthmag for embracing me and my mission for healthy image in the media and transparency and education around retouching and photoshop. Thank you to the magical team I had such a special day with you all😘 WH interview by: @madaberman Photos: @toryrust Beauty director: @martatopran Art direction: @trevorrwilliams Makeup: @theauthenticface Hair: @charlesmchair Nails: @julieknailsnyc Video: @katwirsing

This was my third year at Summer Solstice in Times Sq with @aerie and every year I’m blown away by how connecting, grounding and magical this day is, practising yoga with over 10,000 people in one of the busiest places on Earth. It’s always an honour to get up and talk to you all and this year I spoke about power. How to connect with your unique power, finding your purpose and sharing that with the world. Being able to love your and yourself enables you to focus on how you can achieve your purpose on this planet. You were created on purpose for a purpose - never take your life for granted or the impact you can have on the people around you or the world. I had everyone repeat the following affirmations: I whole I loved I worthy I enough I would love to know your affirmations or mottos... comment below and share them with us all❤️❤️❤️ . 📸 @diggzy and @aalbeck Thank you to everyone who made this event possible especially the people behind the scenes and the @aerie f appreciate you all so much

AD| So excited to share the new @lorealmakeup lash serum I've been using and LOVING. Was always a bit sus of lash growth products but this one is more focused on actually caring for lashes, so it's fitted in perfectly to my skincare routine. It's shown to make lashes look thicker and denser in only 4 weeks (check my last pic - no falsies)! And it reduces lash loss during makeup removal so it's a quick easy step I add on while I do my face serum and it's dry in time for putting on mascara :) Love sharing my new fave products with you all, this is a but I only post about products I use and would recommend🥰 .

Such an honour to work with @womenshealthmag and shoot the first unretouched editorial. I started challenging the transparency of photoshop and creating my own campaigns around embracing real over 7years ago. Talking openly about the harmful effects photoshopping has had on me personally as a when it’s an expectation that I would A) be appreciative when I was airbrushed b) trying to attain a “perfected” illusion of myself that I could actually never be only created more insecurity, self scrutiny and a dangerous comparison game. I will never stop trying to challenge the reality that we have been consuming (our whole lives) images that have automatically been retouched. And still to this day it’s actually the “norm” to retouch images and “ground breaking” when campaigns and images you see in magazines aren’t. That’s why being part of @aerie who were one of the first and biggest swim, and apparel brands to stop retouching was life changing for me and I couldn’t be more proud of and so many of the other brands and publications I work with who choose to incorporate unretouched imagery - or are transparent and open about what they do edit. I encourage you all to think twice before you start airbrushing yourself, and how damaging it is not only for your own self comparisons but for others out there comparing themselves to those photoshopped images. You are already good enough just the way you are and I think there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing imperfect humans loving themselves and embracing what makes them unique❤️ . Thank you to the magical team I had such a special day with you all😘 WH interview by: @madaberman Photos: @toryrust Beauty director: @martatopran Art direction: @trevorrwilliams Makeup: @theauthenticface Hair: @charlesmchair Nails: @julieknailsnyc Video: @katwirsing . . .

What do you order??? 📸 @shotbyjuliann

☀️beach baby💛 for the new @aerie swim campaign

Your is not the problem, the sample size is. *what I wish I knew 15years ago* Thank you @graziauk for this interview and story. Thank you @lorealmakeup for supporting me and empowering women to feel worth it. Thank you to the incredible team @simonemmettstudio @fenella_webb_ @joelygabrielle @haylesr1986 ❤️❤️❤️

😭😭😭 thank you @graziauk @lorealmakeup for my new editorial and interview 🙏 had such a wonderful time shooting in Cannes with you all and jeeeeezzzz 📸 @simonemmettstudio you’re such a ledge really grateful to get to shoot with you 🙏 thank you so much @fenella_webb_ loved the styling and @joelygabrielle you’re such a sweetheart so so happy to have met and hope we all get together again soon🙌 s/o to @haylesr1986 @fionamariescott for always supporting me miss you both❤️ . . .

💛💚💙💜❤️♥️🧡 And yes the bike shorts are @aerie 😝 I saw you all asking - I only got bike shorts but in LITerally every colour 😈

🍩Homer you ready to get your donuts stole👀😂 🍩 @thesimpsons just DM me when you’re ready for the cameo yeah? 😜 Thank you for this 🌟 ? 😂

Orlando, Florida

Thanking God for the most wonderful family, thank you for the best time in Orlando love you all💃❤️

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