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Perfect. Beautiful. As it should be. Goals all around. You inspire @lindseyvonn ・・・ This is me. I don’t hide who I . I don’t hide my goals, my personality, my scars, I don’t hide my brace and I certainly don’t hide from a challenge. My current challenge is recovering from my last surgery and getting back up to being in great shape, not to ski, but to feel healthy and strong. I got this! 💪🏻😈 @projectrock


Fun projects in the works with our Gunnar Gym Design! Making it easy to stay on your routine when you’re on the move! More to come! 👉🏼

BUSY!!! I love how you stay with it! So great @busyphilips ・・・ At our event opened up finding her love of exercise after being asked to lose weight for an acting role. . "In the early 2000s, I was asked to lose weight for a part, which is not an uncommon thing that happens in Hollywood. Although maybe it's getting better now, I don't know. I hope so, for young actors starting out. But I was told to lose weight for a part, and they sent me to [celebrity trainer] @gunnarfitness, and he showed me a way into fitness by introducing me to spin classes, showing me the workouts, all that stuff." Now, Busy doesn't work out to lose weight, but to stay on top of her mental health. Tap the link in bio for how she tries to be a role for her daughters through exercise plus her favorite workouts.

Why yes, yes you are D'Brickashaw.

Always fun with @accessonline @iamscottevans and @kithoover putting it down with some great tools @nufitcorp @mbslingshot @inertiawave !!! Lots more Gunnar X Centr on @chrishemsworth @centrfit and of course @mariolopez and @extratv, Thor 🔨 in Black 🤵 🕶with the kind words! @thetodayshow Australia 🇦🇺 Thank you for having me! SWIPE ON👉🏼!!!

You said ‘loo’ @katebeckinsale hahaha. Box squats, bench squats, now squats, stay with me now...

Listen, you may need to hear this...It’s Men’s Health Month - don’t forget to get your hearing checked! To find out more go to

Count like a trainer... @centrfit ・・・ IT'S. NOT. TOO. LATE. Feel great & build your confidence with Khloe Kardashian's trainer Gunnar Peterson. Join now to get on the fast-track with Gunnar X Centr (link in bio)

Happy Father’s Day Pops. I know you’re not on social media but hopefully someone shows you this. Mom doesn’t like me to post pics of her but she gets Mother’s Day AND Father’s Day credit as she did yeoman’s work (and still does!) for years! It takes two to tango and I’m glad you guys did, I can’t imagine a better set of parents. Nothing but love. 🦍🖤

Viking to Viking! Let’s get this party started!!! @chrishemsworth @centrfit ・・・ Centr founder Chris Hemsworth checks in to introduce you to the new trainer on the block... Gunnar X Centr starts Monday: Gunnar Peterson joins the team with a 4-week program for women designed to help you lose weight and fast-track results. Ready to start your transformation? Join now at

Hey, what are you doing...?! ・・・ It only takes 4 weeks to kick-start your transformation. Don't miss out: the doors to Gunnar's gym open TOMORROW. ? Start your 7-day free trial at (link in bio).

Keep it positive and make it happen! ・・・ Check out @gunnarfitness article in @pagesix ✨ He is 100% right, it takes serious dedication, commitment and mental strength to make it through on @revengebody ! Our cast (and trainers) work their off daily! Big shout out to all the new and past participants who killed it!!! (link in bio)

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