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Elisabeth Akinwale

Building a Stronger Chicago | Enjoying Motherhood | Co-Founder of @13thflow | @underarmour Athlete

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13th Flow

I’ve noticed the sledge hammer is a favorite exercise of many of the women @13thflow. Could be that sometimes we just need a little affirmation this it’s ok, in fact it’s awesome for us to express our power.

13th Flow

Building habits, creating consistency, practicing discipline. Monday program.

Raising this person brings me all the joy! And transitions bring up a flood of emotions, right now about how proud I of Asa, how much of a gift it is to be his mother, and wanting to remember this time because it all goes so fast. _____________________ I picked up Asa last night from a week long trip to study archeology in Colorado. Finished with 6th grade last week. Still a silly little kid, also full of complex ideas and observations, maturity & understanding beyond his years. 12 years old. Somewhere in the middle. Enjoys grown up shows like VEEP and still watches Arthur. He reads everything from Wimpy Kid to Frederick Douglass. We’re close enough in size I’m starting to mix up his t-shirts with my own. He still wants to be close, but is so independent. He’s not particularly interested in being on social media, so I don’t post about our life as much as I might like. _________________________ He’s has responded well to the increased demand on him this year, (particularly with me opening the gym) to be dependable, be selfless, and to grow. Each time he’s asked to make big changes and rise to the occasion, he responds positively. _____________________ He’s outspoken, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, empathetic, clever, and kind. Remaining steadfastly true to his own values as he enters adolescence and is exposed to new spaces, ideas, and types of people. He’s happy and good spirited. Every day he shows me the beauty making space for people to be exactly who *they* are. In a new school this year his teachers gave him glowing remarks. Across the board, whether it was his favorite subject or his least favorite class, they commented on his engagement, his conscientiousness, his positive disposition. “Asa has shown immense interest in learning...I have been especially impressed with his desire to his own academic experience.” “He has a tremendously positive attitude, and his attitude is contagious for other students in the class.”

Entering the Polaroid universe of @algernal

Wrapped up our @underarmour @underarmourwomen shoot this afternoon! Such a positive experience working with amazing, professional, and knowledgeable people.

Building strength through hips, glutes, and posterior chain. We come at this development from a number of different directions, but I find including variations of this weighted work on the GHD (glute hamstring developer) machine makes a world of difference when it comes to being strong and stable through the core.

Hard at work in Brooklyn, NY with the awesome @underarmour team and a fun production crew. Rocking and UA TriBase Reign trainers...gear that helps you perform your best, producing content that will be an educational training resource. 👌🏾👊🏾💪🏾

@haymarketbooks ・・・ Remember the long struggle for emancipation. Celebrate Juneteenth.

I’m in NYC to work on a fun project with @underarmourwomen @underarmour this week! I shared these @underarmour @projectrock True Wireless in-ear sport headphones on my story the other day. The sound quality is really great, these are manufactured by @jblaudio, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. I have trouble sometimes with this style of headphones staying in my ear, but these come with multiple different sizing options and fit well. 👌🏾

One of my favorite things about training is working on all different types of movement. Explosive, slow and controlled, high skill, grunt work, straight up heavy...the variation keeps it fun and interesting. _______________________ Exploring doing something that requires skill and balance while my heart rate was up. We do a good deal of the same during FAST class at @13thflow.

Our community reppin’ 13th Flow gear! Building a gym, building a community is no joke, but our people and the benefits they’re experiencing from our training methods makes the effort more than worth it. From improved health markers, increased performance, to reduced pain, more community connection, increased confidence and self awareness—we’re doing the thing! We know we have something extremely valuable here and we want to spread the word. Chicago, join this movement! @13thflow ・・・ Saturday morning Flow! Shirts are available at

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