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WORKSHOPS Sept 13th-15th Milan 🇮🇹 Sept 20th-22nd Nürnberg 🇩🇪 Sept 26th-28th Doha 🇶🇦 Details on my website Check out my new series on @alo.moves!⬇️

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There is not a single perfect form of fitness that covers every aspect of movement; strength, flexibility, mobility, push, pull, dynamic-explosive power, static stability, and cardiovascular health. It's also not practical or healthy to train all aspects of fitness and movement simultaneously. The needs variability for growth and recovery so it’s important to vary our practices and focuses to train all these aspects of fitness. I love yoga, and it will always remain as one of my primary forms of fitness and movement. I think it's an amazing practice, that when done well, can leave the in a beautiful state of balance and harmony. On top of this, the mind, , true nature connection, and philosophy that is part of the practice is also a part of my daily life and I incorporate it into every other form of physical movement I do, whether it's arm balance training or rock climbing. Even though my yoga practice is very strong, I noticed that it left me with some severe weaknesses in certain areas. My biggest weaknesses were dynamic power, speed, and cardio; so I created a workout regiment to change that. This is where "HEAT" came from (my new series I released yesterday on @alo.moves). I researched on how to optimize training fast twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for dynamic strength, explosive power and speed, and our slow twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for endurance, static strength and stability. I took these concepts and created H.E.A.T.; or High-Efficiency Alternating Training. HEAT is not a HIIT workout. There are no intervals. It's a continuous drive that alternates between training dynamic power and static strength while increasing cardio. To get the real cardio benefit, you need to do two workouts back to back, which is what I do. These workouts have transformed my weakness into my biggest strengths in a very short time, and they've made my yoga practice even stronger.

Are you READY? Build explosive strength and power with my new series HEAT on @alo.moves. I’m giving you all a full *30 days free* on Alo Moves so you can check it out! Just use my promo code: HEAT Offer ONLY lasts 24 hours!

Schloss Tratzberg

There’s nothing to gain from the pose and everything to gain on the journey there. Here’s a little transition I was playing with in my self practice today. I messed the ending up. 🤷‍♂️😂 . Shorts by @aloyoga

Achensee, Tirol, Austria

Movement arises as an opportunity to express our inner form in our outward display of our emotional state of being. A radiant heart is revealed as a warm smile, open shoulders, and an elevated chest. We also can easily recognize sadness, pain, and when we see someone hunched over, head down, and shoulders forward. The mind and the are wholly interconnected and interdependent. If you want to change the state of one, you need to work on both. Flowing in @aloyoga

Innsbruck, Austria

Head in the clouds. Wearing @aloyoga

Yoga is the journey that brings us to the present moment. I’m truly honored to be interviewed by @therealbrianrose on London Real. If you’re not familiar with the show, check it out. They have interviewed so many truly inspiring and influential people. I’m still not sure why they wanted to interview me but I really loved that Brian and Got to talk about some really interesting topics as well as a bit of my story, I also reveal a few things that I have never publicly shared before. You can watch the first half on YouTube (link in my bio) or at

Imagine you were born on a cloudy day. Every time you went outside and looked up, the sky was grey. You grew up only knowing cloudy skies. You heard that there was a blue sky past all the clouds, but because you have never seen clear skies, the grey skies didn't bother you. Then one day you were sitting in stillness, looking up at the grey sky and you saw the clouds part, and a beautiful blue sky appeared majestically above you. It only lasted for a moment, but for the first time, you truly knew that the sky was blue. This is the journey to understanding the truth. To be present and connected. If you live your whole life in the past or projecting into the future, or anywhere else other than here, you might be completely content not living in the now. But once you experience a life of absolute presence and unity, you understand the true nature of all things. Even if it's just an instant, your life will become a journey to the present moment. Shorts by @aloyoga

When challenging things are no longer challenging, we need to look for new challenges to grow. . Wearing @aloyoga

What are your top 5 things that you think are necessary to feeling happy and healthy? Here are mine 1. Meditation- every morning at least 30 minutes. 2. Movement- The mind and are one. If the is weak and than so is the mind. 3. Drink water, lots of it. 4. Diet, when you fuel the with foods that make it feel good, the mind also feels good. 5. Sleep. We undervalue the importance of adequate sleep. I try to get 8 hours every night. Wearing @aloyoga

London Eye

We all have a "bad side." As symmetrical as we wish to be, we are inherently non-symmetrical. Almost all people have a dominant side, even if you are bidextrous you probably favor some activities with one hand or the other. And although we look mostly symmetrical on the outside, on the inside we are very different. Look at the veins on the back of your hand; you can see that your circulatory system on your left is different than your right. It is the se for our brain, nervous system, muscles, skeleton, and fascia. How we have moved our entire life has shaped us and because we also do most things asymmetrically, being equally good on one side as you are the other is near impossible. I was asked if we should work towards training our good side first until we understand the movement before we work on our bad side. While this is not a wrong approach and many athletes, circus performers, gymnasts, and dancers might only work one side for a certain thing, it is not what I recommend; I've learned this the hard way. When it comes to most one arm things, my left side is much worse than my right. When I started practicing one arms handstands, I naturally progressed faster on my right, and so I would practice more on my right. When I would demo, it would be on my right, and generally, when I do photo it's on my right side because it looks better; and so the gap between my left arm and right arm bece even more significant. It's been a lot of work to get my left arm better, and I still nowhere close to "equal. Not being able to do a one arm handstand equally on both sides isn't the worst thing in the world but we need to remember that the holds itself together with a balance of tension and compression through a principle called biotensegrity. When our movement patterns create even greater asymmetry, this disbalance can create and injury and dysfunction. If you are weaker on one side, start with that side and maybe train it a little harder. I went a whole year doing everything left handed to help retrain my brain and bring more mindfulness to what I do. My goal is to have two good sides and bring balance to my and mind. wearing @aloyoga

London, United Kingdom

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. wearing @aloyoga

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