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Snapchat: chelseahandler New York Times Best Seller | LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME 🍊 iHeart Podcast every Thursday Stand-Up Comedy Tour | Tickets👇🏼

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I am coming to AUSTRALIA! Adding shows in BRISBANE, SYDNEY and MELBOURNE in October. Come see me on the other side of the world for my stand-up show. | 🍊 PRESALE Tickets now available using code SITDOWN! Get your presale tickets now through ‪Wed 19 Jun, 10am AEST (Tue 18 Jun, 5pm PST).‬ Link in bio for Tickets.

This is my father, Seymour. He was strong and full of life. He loved his children, and we loved him. Except for that time he tried to trick his Jamaican nurse into marrying him. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. 🍓 My dad loved strawberries.

Los Angeles, California

@chelsanity ・・・ Donate to a cause that is helping women in the state of Georgia get safe access to healthcare. @abortionfront | DONATE 👉 - Thank you to everyone who talked about how to get resources to underfunded orgs that matter FOLLOW EVERYONE these women are leaders on the ground whose voices should be amplified. They *should* have a platform on television to talk about communities most direly impacted follow, donate, amplify. Thank you to all involved for last night and the opportunity to do more.

Los Angeles, California

When it comes to the kitchen. I Decide.

Los Angeles, California

To the first time I shaved Bert so I could see what kind of meat he was packing.

Los Angeles, California

Episode 4 of my podcast is out! @conniebritton and I talked all about taking your dog's Xanax during my show in Dallas. 🍊Link in bio to listen.

Los Angeles, California

@shaunking ・・・ Cops in Miami, Florida prepared to Taser a man that they already had subdued. Cop instead accidentally Tasers himself. I’d sincerely like to see that cop then take commands and orders while he is being electrocuted. Of course it would be impossible. It’s gross that our nation even has the option of electrocution. Over 1,000 people have died from being electrocuted by police.

Los Angeles, California

@benbrunotraining ・・・ When you’ve maxed out the dumbbells... preparing for my stand-up comedy tour. New cities added.

This is where Bert sits when he has to wait 20 minutes after his lunch before he swims.

My baby bert on my bosom.

Los Angeles, California

Bert has picked up some of his sisters bedroom behavior.

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