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The LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection welcomes a new fragrance, PARIS-RIVIERA. Four Fresh and luminous fragrances, inspired by destinations dear to Mademoiselle.

PARIS-RIVIERA, the new LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrance. A floral and solar scent that echoes the Côte d’Azur.

New. PARIS-RIVIERA. The luminous softness of the Côte d’Azur.

New. PARIS-RIVIERA. Sicilian orange and the citrus notes of neroli. Illustration of the olfactory inspiration

PARIS-RIVIERA, the new LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrance. A scent that captures the joyful spirit of the Côte d’Azur during the Roaring Twenties.

A note, a drawing, a sweet gesture - this weekend it’s the thought that counts. Happy Father’s Day.

CHANEL wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. 

Discover the summer scents from LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrance collection. The green, aromatic accord of galbanum and rosemary in BEL RESPIRO. The delicate and powdery nuances of iris pallida in LA PAUSA. The elegance of EAU DE COLOGNE, with shades of mandarin, bergamot and a whisper of neroli. Fresh and bucolic notes.

Discover the freshest LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrances. The green, aromatic notes of BEL RESPIRO, the delicate and powdery radiance of LA PAUSA and the mandarin, bergamot and neroli accord of EAU DE COLOGNE. Light and bucolic scents for summer.

THE NEW EYE COLLECTION. LES 4 OMBRES. Grey, green, mauve, blue, an eyeshadow palette with 4 shades for ends possibilities. And LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL. Colour all the way to the lashes.

COLOUR IS THE NEW RULE. The intense Blurry Blue total look. All you need is: STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF 946 INTENSE TEAL for a deep blue eye contour, LES 4 OMBRES 322 BLURRY BLUE and LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL 37 INTENSE TEAL. @imari_karanja

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