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HFD to my dad GRANDPA MUSTACHE!! And also, since it's my 12th wedding anniversary, here's a picture of my dad walking me down the aisle at my wedding 12 years ago right now.

HFD to this guy. Our girls won the lottery. As did I. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ok so... This sweet lady @megan_loewenberg has the sweetest sister(👋🏼 @kcharris1029) who bid on a charity auction for @iamatheatre and won tickets to my show BUSY TONIGHT (RIP) for her 40th birthday and they were gonna fly in from New Jersey to see it. Anyway. Since the show is cancelled (for now), we met for margaritas and white wine(for MEEEGAN) instead and it was a delight and Kristen brought tiaras and sashes for Megan and me to wear to let everyone know we are the same age.(calm down I turn 40 in 10 days) AND THEN. Another lady at the place(Petty Cash, my fucking fav) Kerry(?), came up and said she's about to turn 40 too! On June 25th! WHICH IS MY BIRTHDAY! And she was born in Louisville at 8:30am and I was born in Oak Park, Ill at 8:09am(I think?) ANYWAY. Same time zone. Basically born at the same time. So here we are. Life is weird. Enjoy it.❤️

Talking television at the casual party.


to my vibe last weekend, which will also be my vibe this weekend and also every weekend for the months of June, July and August and ALSO maybe September, depending.

New doubles team coming at you. Thanks @letzgowin for the pic and for turning us into pros.😂😂😂

It's really cool Foxwarren let me join the band last night. Thank you @matdunlap for capturing the moment they asked and I said yes. Unclear what my role will be moving forward as I can't commit to their rigorous touring schedule but we'll always have our band photo to commemorate my time with them. Also. I need to go on record to say @andyshauf is an actual genius and everyone needs to get on board with that thanks byeeee. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

I was honored to be able to chat with this dream team at the @Baby2Baby National Network Summit Presented by @AmericanAir and discuss ways we can all work together to help underserved families across the country. This amazing group led by Baby2Baby is serving hundreds of thousands of children in poverty in over 35 cities across the country every year, and they provide millions of basic essentials to children devastated by disasters. ❤️❤️❤️


Just cause a show is cancelled doesn't mean you can't vote for it to get nominated for an EMMY AWARD! 👏F👏Y👏C👏, BBs! @televisionacad voters, why wouldn't you click on BUSY TONIGHT for OUTSTANDING VARIETY TALK SERIES 🌟and🌟OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION DESIGN?? How fun would it be if we got nominated?!?🌸❤️👏🌸❤️

I had an amazing Saturday with my @Aerie.& @CreateCultivate families for the first-ever REALtreat. We talked everything from female friendships to the changing landscape for women in Hollywood. More from the game-changing women at Saturday’s event coming soon from @Aerie.

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