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Mary Helen Bowers

Ballerina. Entrepreneur. Ballet Beautiful Founder Online Barre Workouts. Ballet-inspired Fitness, Lifestyle, Activewear ✨

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Smiled so big I closed my eyes 🤩💫 @phoebejtonkin Love you Beautiful Mermaid Swan 💛

Lengthen & Strengthen ✨

to our ❤️! These photos are from our first moments together as a family of 5 with Baby Rosabella. 💕 I love the way that they capture Paul’s role as a Dad supporting us, taking care of us and putting his girls first before everything. Fatherhood personified. ❤️ We adore you!

Broadway, Baby ❤️💋 Thank you @bystyles and the Kiss me Kate cast for an amazing show on Tony’s Sunday! You guys are Too Darn HOT! 🎼🔥❤️ We’ll be cheering for tonight!!!!

Flower Shopping 🌼🌷 Hightstown, NJ 🌺

with Swan Arms 🖤 Relevé means raised and this simple dance movement is one of the greatest exercises there is for lifting and shaping sleek ballet muscles in the lower legs! I love adding in Swan Arms for extra burn and to work on balance. 🕊2 sets of 8 plié relevé with Swan Arms, hold UP for 2 sets of 8, repeat. 🖤 💕

Bon Weekend 🌿 💛

When you’re feeling 🎀 photo @staceymark

Stars & Stripes 💙❤️ Imagine being there for opening night ✨ Photo of Melissa Hayden & Jacques d’Amboise

Ballet, on your own rules. ⚡️ Rewrite them. Break them. You don’t have to be a pro to train like one. Which ballet “rule” would you change? 🖤

How I prep for the Holiday weekend ✔️ 🖤 I obsessed with how targeted and effective a one leg bridge is for toning the legs, & core. Lower and lift the working leg 4Xs, squeeze and pulse up 4Xs, repeat 8Xs. Stretch & change sides 🔥

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