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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Host, writer, advocate, model, part time designer, DJ 🧚🏽‍♀️ Check out my podcast ✨I’m Over It ✨on Spotify & iTunes - Link below 🍒🍓🍉⬇️ @imoveritpodcast

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I’m a *~*deep*~* thinker

Los Angeles Atelier & Other Stories

Thank you soooo much @andotherstories for hosting my first ever recorded panel and for those of you who came! Our conversation will be launching as the first episode of the SECOND SEASON of @imoveritpodcast@teranicoll @sexybeastla @katcollings @ericachidicohen y’all are amazing! It was such a pleasure to sit with you for an hour- I’m SO excited to share this with all of you! 💞

Any excuse for some dad spam! It’s not my fault he looks cool in every photo 🤷🏻‍♀️Happy Birthday to the legend that is my father ❤️

This is the least of what my pops taught me ❤️ Happy Father’s Day ❤️

Montauk, New York

Acorn’s first vacation!!! Look at him prance on that grass!!! 😩❤️🐾🐶

Vancouver, British Columbia

✨ Happy Birthday ✨ to my HANDSOME ASS Gemini 🍑🍒 boyfriend, my best friend, my biggest love ever, my baby AND my papas @dave1 You know I’m obseeeess’d with you 🤷🏻‍♀️😇 41 (going on 32) has NEVER looked so good 😍 skoobeedaboopbop! 😘🎈🎊🎁✨ (Also this emoji useage makes me look like I’m 12 years old but whatever) I love you so much ❤️

I truly freaking haaaaate when people say this. It makes me craaaaazy!!! Not that I date anymore (IM IN A VERY SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS-SOMETIMES TOO MUCH SO- RELATIONSHIP) but if I did I would say this would have to be the second biggest deal breaker next to voting for Trump. I would highly suggest asking this on a FIRST date so as to make a well educated decision about whether you’ll BLESS that person with your presence a second time ☝🏼😂 It’s 2019 y’all! It’s so important we can have honest conversations/any excuse for a Rihanna meme ✨✨

I’m wondering if my obsession with the color pink is becoming a problem? This @Coach watch fits riiiiight in ⏰🌷🌸💕💞

Feeling like a creamsicle today 🍊🍧 @freepeople

I’ve never related to anything more. PLEASE cancel on me! Any day of the week. Including Friday and Saturday. Honestly. 💗 Larry David Forever 💗

If you don’t with white cowboy boots then we might have a problem... ✨Fun Fact: apparently these are the official boots of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders✨ 😍😍😍😍! Giddy up y’all 🐎💗

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