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💪 Creator @fitbodyapp 💍 Married @annaandluca 💕 30 MIN WORKOUTS! 👯‍♀️ Join the FBG Community Get it on iOS + Android . Start your 7 day free trial 👇

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THEN AND NOW 😊 ❤️ Then: following @fitapp Sculpt workouts which is strength training 5x a week for 45 mins plus tracking my macros to a T. I had about a 90/10 food balance, didn’t feel restricted but was super focused and on track. (Also 1 month before our journey started) . ❤️ Now: Some weeks I work out 3x a week, some weeks 2x, some weeks 4x. When I do work out, it’s either a Tone or Sculpt workout, but only strength training, no cardio. My workouts are a lower intensity overall since I’m supposed to be keeping my heart rate down. I didn’t lower my macros so I have been working out less and eating the same amount. My eating balance has been about 70/30. . The result? I weigh 10 lbs more today than I did in the “then” photo. (I only know this from doctors appts 😁) The impact on my self-worth? NONE. I love both bodies. 🥰 You’re not always going to be super lean and you’re not always going to be super on track. But sometimes you will! 🙌 Both are deserving of self-love. Your fitness ability and where you are in your journey doesn’t define you. This is an incredibly empowering journey that helps increase your confidence and self-love, and that should be true whether you’re 100% on track or not. . As most of you know, I’ve been going through fertility treatments for 7 months now (with some months in between of “taking a break”) and I never expected something like this to throw me off my routine as much as it has. Things happen unexpectedly (to all of us!) that prevents us from being super focused on our fitness journeys, but that’s not the end of the story. It’s not the end of mine and it’s not the end of yours. This is only one moment in time. . As challenging as it’s been to work out these days, I’m pushing through because it’s how and when I feel my best. It’s when I have the most energy, it’s when I’m the most productive (in other areas of my life) and I know it’s what my deserves. No matter what my does or doesn’t look like. My journey may not be perfect, but it doesn’t have to be and neither does yours. I still love my and I hope you love yours too ☺️❤️

Pier 94

NYC!!! Thank you to everyone who came to work out with me today at the @POPSUGARplayground!! I’m still on cloud 9 (literally, sittin on a cloud 😄☁️💕) from getting to meet you and hear your stories 🙏 I always leave these events with such a full heart, I’m so grateful for all your love and support, through all stages of life ❤️ LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! Thank you @popsugar and @caliabycarrie for having me!

You want a workout? Well then HERE’S A KILLER BOOTY WORKOUT!! 😍🍑 this would be 2 out of 3 supersets in a complete @fitbodyapp Sculpt workout 😉 Tag a friend to do it with you! . Superset 1: 🔥 Stiff Leg Deadlift Pulses: 15 reps with 30-50 lbs 🔥 Side to Side Squats: 15 reps with 20-40 lbs . Superset 2: 🔥 Staggered Stiff Leg Deadlift: 15 reps each side with 30-50 lbs 🔥 Ball Slams: 15 reps as fast as you can (If you don’t have a ball like this, do 20 squat jumps as high as you can!) Repeat 4x Also! A podcast I did with @bodyofworkpodcast just went live! Link to listen is in my insta stories. Can’t wait to hear what you think!! ☺️💕 . Try my workouts FREE for 7 days!

Lake Como , Italy

Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and fully receive it. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way ❤️

New York, New York

NYC!! See you this Sunday at the @popsugarplayground! I CANNOT wait to see you girls and work out together!! 😁💪 . POPSUGARplayground is the largest female-led festival EVER, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Come work out with me in NYC! Link in bio for tickets! 💕

Here’s part of your workout for tomorrow!! 😍🔥 Get readddyy!! Tag a friend or save for later! . 🔥 Bulgarian Squat + Press: 10 reps each side with 30-40 lbs 🔥 Bulgarian Squat Jumps: 12 reps each side 🔥 Ball Over Shoudler Tosses: 10 reps (if you don’t have a ball, do Squat Jump Turns 😉) 👉 Repeat 4x!! A new week of FBG and @fitbodyapp starts tomorrow! Link is in my bio to join us! 💪💕 . Try my workouts free for 7-days! ——— Outfit: Shorts: @weareivypark Sports : @p.e.nation Underwire sports underneath: @victoriasport Shoes: @adidaswomen

This 🙌...

INSTA VS REALITY 😏 can I be honest with you guys? My favorite part of what I do is all the work that goes on *behind the scenes*. I love taking pictures and filming workout videos for you all (especially workout videos!! 😁) but I loooove strategizing, planning, creating a product, a service, and helping customers. . You guys would think I’m crazy if you knew how much I LOVE customer service 😂 I worked in customer service (in corporate jobs) from 16-23 years old, and I LOVED it. I got genuine joy out of helping people, even if it was through re-stocking the shelves at the my first job at 16 years old so people could easily find the products they need (you guys I have issues 😅🙈) . But this is why I LOVE what I do now - helping you girls!! Every day I get to go to work and brainstorm, create and implement ideas that will better help you on your journey and help you connect with the community. I haven’t talked much about the business side of everything I do, and if you would like me to talk about it more, I will! While I love sharing fitness tips and workout videos, I’m just as passionate about encouraging women to go into business, entrepreneurship, and continue breaking glass ceilings. . You girls know I rarely do collabs, and that’s because I want when I do a collab, I want you to know I really believe in it. Soooo I’m excited to share about my collab with @WeWork! 😁 Moving my office into a WeWork has been a huge game changer for my team, our productivity (ahem except for the Root Beer floats and Mimosas 😂🙈) and to be able to connect with other . . If you’re interested in checking a WeWork office out, head to the link below for more info 😊 So what about you girls? Where do you work? Remote / At home / In an office? Comment below and let me know 💕

Girls I have a killer chest + shoulder Tone circuit for ya!! 💪🔥 This would be 1 out of 3 circuits of a complete @fitbodyapp Tone workout. You may or may not be able to lift your arms after this 🙈 Tag a friend or save it for later! . 💪 5 Isometric Lateral Raises + 5 Lateral Raises with 10-15 lbs 💪 DB Chest Press + DB Hammer Chest Press: 10 rounds with 17-22 lbs 💪 Isometric Incline Push-Up + Crossbody Renegade Rows: 10 rounds (Do 5 Iso Incline Push-Ups to warm up!) with 7-12 lbs Repeat 3x! 😉 (Where it says “isometric” that means to hold the peak position for 2-3 full seconds before you release and return to the starting position) . Try @fitbodyapp free for 7 days

10 month progress from @valeria_fbg! ☺️💪 you girls know how important mental and emotional progress is, but I’ve always said there’s nothing wrong with wanting physical progress either. Here’s what Valeria had to say about her progress thus far: . “I've been doing FBG for 10 months already and while I had physical and psychological progress, the visible progress is definitely important to me. I've always been self confident, honest, happy and good to myself. I started to take care of myself mentally long ago and started FBG to get rid of the fluff. I love seeing the results of my consistent workouts. Whatever your motivation for fitness is, stick to it, it pays off.” . What is your motivation for working out? I would love to hear from you girls. Is it physical progress? Mental? Emotional? All of the above? Remember you don’t have to hate your to want to get stronger and change your composition, but you also don’t need to change your in order to love and appreciate it! Everyone has a different journey ❤️ What matters most is that you are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, no matter what that looks like ☺️

⭐️ MIRACLE FOODS ⭐️ You’ve heard about them. Lemon water first thing in the morning. Apple Cider Vinegar. Celery Juice is the newest one... The list could go on. . These things get so popular because people look for a quick fix. They want to be told that THIS pill or THIS drink or THIS food is going to be the answer to all your weight loss prayers. . Truth bomb time.... It’s all a lie. There is no ONE food, drink or pill that is responsible for weight loss, fat burning or optimal health. Unfortunately the diet industry is largely unregulated. Even the food industry is largely unregulated! What does this mean? This means companies can slap whatever claim they want on the front of their labels (AKA: Marketing...) without any scientific proof necessary to back those claims up. . Is lemon water bad for you? No. Is celery juice bad for you? No. Is Apple Cider Vinegar bad for you? Again, no. ☺️ Each of these things may have SOME sort of health benefit. But they are not the end-all to improving your health and/or losing weight, & buying into these claims only further fuels the billion dollar weight loss industry that is meant to keep you in a cycle of yo-yo dieting. . If you want to know what DOES work, don’t follow people sharing about the next fad diets, follow fitness and nutrition researchers who are either proving or disproving these claims. Get your facts straight from the source before marketers can twist their words to sell the next fad diet product. (A few I personally follow: @martinnutrition @thefoodmedic @drnadolsky @thealanaragon @biolayne @soheefit) . I also want to also say... I see nothing wrong with having any of those things - lemon water, ACV, celery juice, etc. In fact, if it helps kickstart your journey that eventually leads you to live a healthy lifestyle for the long run, that’s great!! ☺️ I’m all for whatever helps you have that lightbulb moment. As long as it’s with understanding that nothing is an overnight “miracle” worker & that your overall nutrition & balanced macros IS what’s going to get you there with consistency over time. Ok rant over 🙃🙃🙃

What shows are you currently watching?? We need ideas! ☺️ We just finished Man in the High Castle (anyone seen it?) and A Handmaids Tale just started back up so we’re watching that currently. Any recommendations? . Photo credit:

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