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Andy Speer CSCS, SFG 1 • Peloton Tread Instructor

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Chelsea, Manhattan

Summer. Shades. Smiles.😎 . . . . 📷 @alexsilverfagan

Dallas, Texas

Reflection This video was taken about 2 years ago in Dallas, Texas where @alexsilverfagan and I were working a fitness expo. On Saturday morning we decided to practice yoga on the deck of the hotel. At 9 it was 95 degrees and felt like 112 on the concrete slabs. She was a well trained yoga practitioner and teacher. I had just started practicing yoga, well, so I could spend more time with her. We were still very much friends at that point. This video is a perfect reflection of our relationship. Before we started dating, today, and as far as I can see in the future. We stand by each other, walking our own walk. We know we can’t fight each other’s battles, control each other’s thoughts or force each other’s actions- But we step in provide a thoughtful, well timed adjustment when needed. Practicing yoga (and swinging kettlebells) have us a foundation to build our relationship from, when we didn’t even know where it was going, and for that I eternally grateful ❤️🙏🏻 Happy International Yoga Day

Manhattan, New York

5 Move Running Warm Up Do these 5 moves, in order, to prepare your for a run. This is an great sequence to use if you’re in a ‘concrete jungle’ and only have a stoop and a gate- as physiology doesn’t discriminate geographically please use this in suburbs and country side as well😉 It will take 6-8 minutes and your will thank you. 1. Calf Pedals - Stretch and raise. Work for range of motion while creating tension. Think alternating calf raise / calf stretch. Do 25 each foot. 2. IT band floss - Hips squared up, base foot pointed forward. Reach to the outside of your foot with your opposite hand. Pull your up (dorsiflexion) towards your knee as you reach. This extenuates the stretch in you ITB, calf and peroneals. Do 12 per side. 3. Forward leg swing - Inside leg swings, opposite hand mirrors, like running. Tense you abs to prevent compensatory flexion/ extension in you lumbar spine. You want range coming from your , not your back. Do 15 per side. 4. Lateral leg swing - Base foot pointing straight forward. Let your open and close- Don’t compensate by letting your foot slide or pivot. Keep your foot planted also adds ankle mobilization in the transverse plane😉. Do 15 per side. 5. Triple knee drives - Use a fence, bench or wall. Brace you torso. A lean of 20-45 degrees will work. Think sprint posture from torso to toe. Land on the ball of your foot, drive your opposite knee. Do 10 sets of 3. Have fun with this and have an awesome run!!!😎 . . . .

New York, New York

Sweating like a hot dawg on grill today! I’ll take the sweltering jungle heat any day over an arctic chill. Hot summer days are one of my favorite times to run. Apparently training outside for years in Miami with 95 degree temps and 95% humidity still holds a dear place in my heart. Whatever your climate preference, my 30min Rock Fun Run will win a place in your heart. It’s drops today on Peloton Outdoor! Rock and Run with @onepeloton baby! . . . .

Handstand shoulder taps. My gymnastics coach called these Thomas touches, names after Kurt Thomas the American gymnast. I don’t know how accurate this name is (I have not found any supporting documents 😉) but I’ve called them Thomas touches since I was 12 and I’m sticking with it. They are a fun balance endurance drill. I got to 60 in this set. Next stop 100👊🏻 On a Kurt Thomas note.... if you haven’t see the movie Gymkata please find it and watch it. You won’t be disappointed. . . . .

New York, New York

Not every moment can be filled with a smile, nor should it be. Embrace your lows the same way you celebrate your highs. Life and emotions are cyclical. Feel sadness, acknowledge loss - they are there to serve you with the same intent and intensity as joy and love. Use these darker moments of contemplation and introspection to find a new strength from your depths- it is the only way. Be assured every time you come around, and you will if you do the work, your smile will shine brighter.

Back Burner- Add this row variation to your back workout for a serious pump. The Batwing Row was first introduced to me by @coachdanjohn about 10 years ago. Holding the isometric row position while alternating the rowing arm adds time under tension to your entire upper back. This variation uses the 1-1-2 tempo (R-L-both Arms). For a great warmup before pressing do 2 sets of 8 cycles (1-1-2 is one cycle) with a light or medium weight. For a killer pump towards the end of your workout do 4 sets of 6 cycles with a heavy(er) weight. Use dumbbells or kettlebells. Super set with push ups or abs. . Have fun with this and have an awesome day!!! . . . .

Explore Escape Move Breathe Compete Release RUN Happy Global Running Day . . 📷 @kevinwinzelerphoto 2012- Milford Sound, New Zealand

Rope Climb Progressions Rope climbing involves technique, muscular strength and connective tissue resilience. Often, you may be able to hop up and climb a rope out of the blue, just as often the next day your elbows and forearms will let you know you weren’t properly prepared. Developing connective tissue strength specific to the wide, vertically positioned grip of the rope is crucial. This is by no means an exhaustive list of progressions, but these will prepare your muscular and connective tissues for the demands of rope climbing. Your forearms and biceps may get jacked in the process💪🏻😁 Perform each move for 2-3x per week for 3-4 weeks, building to the sets/reps mentioned. Program as individual exercises or in a circuit with pushing, lower or core moves. No heavy gripping on the other moves. 1. Rope Rows w/ Iso hold (vid 1) Ropes rows are the first exposure to grip demands of climbing. Hold 2-3 seconds at the top of the row, lower slowly into the next rep. Work up to 4 sets of 8. 2. Rope Rows (vid 2) Perform normal tempo and increase reps. Work up to 3 sets of 15. 3. Jump to Hang- Alternate hands, hold for 2-3 seconds Keep fists at or under your chin. Squeeze rope in to your and elbows to your hips. Work up to 4 sets 10 (Vid not shown, looks like assisted pull up w HOLD at the top) 4. Assisted rope pull up- Alternate hands (vid 3) Use as little help from your as possible. Work up to 4 sets of 12 5. Rope Pull Up- Alternate hands (vid 4) Pull up with no leg assistance *Start with hands closer to you head, gradually extend range or motion. Work up to 4 sets of 8 6. Rope climb from floor (vid 5) Keep hands close and elbows bent. Do these is clusters- 3 in a row with minimal rest. Work up to 6 clusters of 3 with 60-90 sec rest between clusters. . Have fun with these! Let me know if they help your rope climbing progress! . . . . weight

New York, New York

Action. Movement. Effort. The only way to move forward is to act. Every wave of anxiety, or fear I have ridden has ever had only one solution- action. Thinking, listening, processing- all are important precursors. Making a decision to act the next step. At the end of the day, taking focused, meaningful action is the only way. Action by nature elicits a reaction. The anticipation of this reaction is usually the barrier to taking the action. Fear of exposure, failure, success- I feel you. I working on taking action everyday. Some days I do better than others, but I keep working. Make the effort. Take the next step. It’s always worth it👊🏻 . . . . Step into the light. It’s the only way out of the darkness.

Triceps and Core Burner🔥 2 moves: A) Hollow skull crusher B) Flat back leg lift Reverse Ladder 10-1 Do 10 skulls/ 10 lifts, 9/9...1/1 Take as few breaks as possible, goal to go straight though. Have fun with this and have an awesome Saturday! . . . .

Peloton Tread Studio & Showroom

June is Pride Month and we’ll be celebrating individuality and the power of the Peloton community all month long. Pride is about showing up and being accepted for exactly who you are, whoever that may be. To celebrate I’m hosting a Pride Bootcamp Sunday June 9th at 830am. Join us in celebrating the uniqueness of every individual.

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