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Founder & CEO @girlgaze @theconversation.

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This week someone asked me “If you could make any show , what would it be ?” . I took a moment to really think about this ... and the truth is that I already made it . The Conversation was a from the heart show which had the clear objective of connecting women through our shared experiences and journeys . 8 years later , this is still the show I would make . I learn something every time I watch these women share their powerful stories . @moore2d what a magical show we made ! @TheConversation @janefonda @gwynethpaltrow @SarahSilverman @zoesaldana @KellyPreston @joybeezy @ladygaga @mileycyrus @aliciakeys @ritawilson

“ What about Men ?” I also get asked this all the time and @kirstengillibrand has the perfect answer ..

New York, New York

So happy my AdeCXWarby’s gender neutral frames are back in stock @warbyparker . Even I needed another pair .. Link in Bio ☝🏻

When @nicolenodland took my photo and the stylist only brought size 0 clothing , so we did the entire shoot in the only thing that fit me which was a giant white fluffy sweater .

@booksmart is out today !!! I cannot wait to see this film . @oliviawilde I so insanely proud of you my friend and beyond excited to see your vision come to life !!!

Taking action always helps me feel less powerless about things like the monumental effort in effect to ban abortion in multiple states. There are over 500 events today across all 50 states and Puerto Rico! Find one near you: @prochoiceamerica

I’m all about solutions . We know what the problem is and now we need to focus on what we can DO . We need Congress to step up , we can continue to demand they do and we can donate to orgs like @Aclu_nationwide @prochoiceamerica @plannedparenthood @yellowfund and support the crucial work they do . Check my stories for @elizabethwarren suggested plan .

I don’t often get trolled but nothing gets people ( mostly men ) fired up like the topic of abortion . It’s fascinating to me that I’m not hearing many men speak up in support of women. Yet , I have heard from many women who chose to abort because the man who got them pregnant threatened to leave them , beat them , shamed them and straight up harassed the out of them until they aborted . That’s obviously not the majority , but it’s the reality for a decent amount of women . And there are some like me , who painfully came to the decision themselves . And there are those who didn’t think twice . And many other versions . Yes , there are all “types”of women who have had abortions for all types of reasons . And not I or you or anyone has the right to question their reasoning . Most of all there is no world in which it’s ok to remove choice for women . Your choice is yours , my choice is mine . Let’s keep it that way 🙋

When I was writing my book I was told by my agent to remove my abortion story as it would put some buyers off . But I had read Gloria’s dedication at the beginning of her book “On the Road “ to the Dr who had given her an abortion as a young woman , & that gave me permission to share my own experience . I did not remove my story about having an abortion and have since had the honor of hearing from many , many women who have also made the choice to end a pregnancy . I cannot imagine how different my life would’ve been had I not had the choice . I was a mother age 19 to @atlantabean and again to Ella and Silvan age 34 . I’ve been a mother most my life and that choice should never be forced upon anyone due to lack of options.

Yes , we will fight . Like . But first I’m going to let myself cry , with anger and sadness. And tomorrow ; I’ll get up , and organise along with my sisters, to fight against this abhorrent denial of a fundamental human right . The right to make decisions about our bodies .

And this was only 6 months pregnant with twins . I had to be rolled out of bed the last 4 weeks .. &Silvan

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