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RJ1K Paintball (@rj1kpaintball) Instagram Profile Photo

RJ1K Paintball

A jack of all tradesπŸ‘€, but a master of one... PaintballπŸ”₯πŸ‘! Here's this week's RJ1K Player of The Week. Name: Jim Venturo (@james_venturo) Jersey #: 10 Position: Front Dorito / Dorito Support Career Duration: 10 years (5 years tournament) Teams: CXBL- Whitby Whiteout, Brockville Beast Mode, Scarborough Skwad Favourite Marker(s): Luxe 2.0, Geo 2.1 Jim may be one of the funniest guys off the field, but when it comes game time he's focused, determined and ready to do whatever it takes to win. He's a skilled back player who can bridge communication to his teammates and can apply consistent lanes with great gun battling and snap shooting skills. With the ability to play the support position, he also can get in to his primaries fast and efficient making him a versatile option for a front Dorito threat. His game is impressive, but his ability to gel with his teammates and mesh well with different personalities is something any team would benefit from. Hope to see this beast on the field sometime soon! Stay tuned next week for another RJ1K POTW! #potw sponsored by- @tacticalsports pics by- @helengrosephotography , @sheldoncarlessphotography

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