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So to all the guys out their who are short. I hope you are happy, because being short is just a special part about you that you have to enjoy and take pride in. I used to hate it, but as I grew into this hobby, I began to learn that being short doesn’t stop you from doing what a big guy can do. If anything it taught me that I can do the same, if not more!!!! Read below⬇️⬇️ • • Benefits: The gym taught me that being short is just a visible feature and not a physical set back. 1️⃣ You can be just as strong as any guy you can think of, if not stronger (both in weight and pound for pound). 2️⃣ Less range of motion for your arms and . 3️⃣ Technically don’t have to eat as much as the average guy to grow. 4️⃣ Shorter people are usually more broad. 5️⃣ So many more benefits to discover yourself!!! • • Love yourself and take advantage of this gift. While being tall is apparently “better”, being short has its perks too and we need to show and express them. The gym is just a minor example of benefits, their are many opportunities to take advantage of this gift, so embrace it. Please be proud to be who you are, no matter who you are!!!! • #possibilities

🌸 Luna 🌸 Mullens House 🌸 (@mullenshouse) Instagram Profile Photo

🌸 Luna 🌸 Mullens House 🌸

That day we drove to Kentucky, just to see if we wanted this 1800s house. #Possibilities

Nancie Courtemanche (@roxnanokulei) Instagram Profile Photo

Nancie Courtemanche

Hey! Come back! I want to go too! #possibilities hereveriam

RCCG The Rock Center, Atlanta (@trcatlanta) Instagram Profile Photo

RCCG The Rock Center, Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

On behalf of the entire of @TRCAtlanta - We specially all our who worshipped with us for the on the 23rd of , 2019. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY 🤗😍❤😍🤗 #Possibilities

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