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Daily Pokémon Update (@shadozeyt) Instagram Profile Photo

Daily Pokémon Update

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Proud CW copier (@bionicdann) Instagram Profile Photo

Proud CW copier


drew me and my best friend as duo ghost type gym leaders. had a lot of fun :))) might make that tank top tbh - #bringbacknationaldex

aidan McLAUGHlin (@aibdanart2) Instagram Profile Photo

aidan McLAUGHlin

I haven’t done one in a good while because these take fOREVER, but here’s every gen 7 Pokémon! I loved gen 7, it was such a unique and awesome time. Despite the issues with the national dex, let’s hope gen 8 is just as good if not better.. #bringbacknationaldex Originally made April 16th, 2019

A wooloo doodle from the other day when testing out art supplies. #bringbacknationaldex

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PK cookies

I really wanted to buy Pokemon sword and shield but apparently they're cutting over half of the Pokemon from the previous generations. If I do end up getting it though I'll definitely pick scorbunny as my starter along with the sword version. #bringbacknationaldex

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